Frederick, Maryland – The Religious Coalition Beyond Shelter Campaign has surpassed the  fundraising goal of $3.5 million in gifts, pledges, and government funding in support of the  Coalition’s new Emergency Family Shelter. The Campaign supports the establishment of a  single-site 24-hour Emergency Family Shelter program. Co-Chairs Dr. Gregory Rausch and  Pastor Barbara Kershner Daniel led the Campaign. This is the largest fundraising effort the  Coalition has undertaken in its 40-year history. 

The White-Hayward farmhouse on Hayward Road is currently under construction and will  house the Coalition’s Emergency Family Shelter in February when renovations are completed in February. The Coalition anticipates welcoming families in early March. 

The 8,300 square foot Shelter will provide temporary housing and supportive services for up  to ten families (50 people) and offer family suites with personal bathrooms, laundry rooms,  community kitchen, living area, counseling rooms, and a children’s playroom. This shelter  will give families a sense of normalcy while encouraging their success securing housing,  employment, and the tools needed to remain self-sufficient. The shelter also provides The  Coalition with the opportunity to significantly expand the program’s capacity. Funds will  finance construction, renovations, support funding the first year of operating expenses, and  establishment an endowment to support the program in perpetuity. 

“The Frederick Community is incredibly philanthropic and has stepped up in a big way to  support this important initiative. We are grateful the donors that have invested in Frederick’s  first Emergency Family Shelter and the families that we serve.” – Nick Brown, Executive  Director 

Since 2014, The Coalition has operated a scattered-site Emergency Family Shelter hosted by  a network of local congregations of faith on a rotating basis. More than 180 families have  been assisted over the past 7 years.  

The Religious Coalition offers Frederick County’s two largest emergency shelter programs,  provides health, dental, rental, and energy assistance to individuals and families, and offers  homeless prevention programming. The Religious Coalition’s Mission: We seek to prevent  and alleviate the effects of poverty on the residents of Frederick County.

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