Community Garden

Beyond Shelter offices are in a food desert, one of six in the City of Frederick identified by the Frederick Food Security Network.

Food deserts directly impact those living in poverty. People in food deserts are more likely to suffer from higher rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer.

The need for healthy and accessible produce is why we partnered with Hood College and Frederick Food Security Network to create a Community Garden. Our raised garden beds grow fresh vegetables and fruit year-round, right in our own backyard. In addition to the raised beds, we also have active beehives. These crops are distributed to the low-income individuals and families we serve.

Food deserts are geographic areas where access to affordable, healthy food options (aka fresh fruits and veggies) is limited or nonexistent because grocery stores are too far away.

We harvest an average of 300 pounds of fresh produce during the growing season.

If you are a green thumb and would like more information about gardens, contact:

Catherine Dorsey, 
Director of Operations

Email: | Phone: 301-631-2670, x 115

Woman looking at lettuce
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