Thank you to our generous donors and supporters for helping us reach our goal to make the Emergency Family Shelter a reality. This weekend, Donors, Staff, and Community Leaders gathered at the new shelter for an intimate Grand Opening and walk-through. Executive Director Nick Brown shared these thoughtful words with attendees.

“It’s almost cliché, the comparison of the journey of this house to those who will soon inhabit it. The house’s former condition and the chaos and instability that our homeless families face daily. The daunting journey to rehabilitation and the anxiety-ridden path back to self-sufficiency. With success only achieved by a groundswell of community support and a network of human services to holistically address the needs. Our hope is that this house serves as a reminder to those who look upon or reside within, that even though the task appears difficult to mount, though the odds are stacked against, and the outcome is uncertain, that a building and a family’s well-being can be restored.”

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